3 Drinks to have on Tap at the office

At one time, it was relatively common to see employees congregating around the office water-cooler for a refreshing drink and chat while on a quick break. The fact that the company was offering free water may not seem like much, but for employees at the time, having access to a water-cooler was a perk that you just didn’t find at every office.

Nowadays, however, a lot of job seekers and employees expect there to be some kind of perks at the office – and not just water, either. Like it or not, perks are important to employees, and even the little things can make a difference when it comes to attracting new workers and keeping your current ones happy.

Fortunately, offering your employees free drinks is a relatively inexpensive perk that can go a long way in keeping them satisfied and productive. Of course, you can give them water, but if you want to stand out from your competitors and really show your workers how much you appreciate them, it may be time to step it up in the drinks department.

Want happy, productive employees? Here are the three drinks you should have on tap at the office.

Cold Brew Coffee

A good number of adults certainly like to start their day with the extra boost of energy you can get from a cup of coffee. While a hot coffee can be just the thing to warm you up on cooler days, it may not have quite the same appeal when the sun has you feeling like you’re going to melt into a puddle!

This is just one of the reasons why cold brew coffee is a great choice to have on tap at the office. Not only will it help cool your employees down on hot days, but it also has more caffeine, less acidity, and bitterness than your typical hot cup of joe. 

Plus, if you infuse it with nitrogen, you can make nitro coffee, which is so smooth and creamy it may make people skip the cream and sugar entirely, helping them avoid a sugar crash later in the workday.

Cold-pressed Juice

Who doesn’t like a cold glass of juice? If you offer 100% juice options to your employees, you’ll also be providing them with a rich source of vitamins and minerals that will keep them going throughout the day. Choose fruits and veggies full of antioxidants like pomegranates, beets, and blueberries to further benefit skin and heart health.


If you’re not against your employees having a little alcohol during the workday, then you should consider having some kombucha on tap. That small amount of alcohol is really nothing when you think about the many antioxidants and probiotics contained in kombucha, which can help improve digestion and provide a much-needed energy boost on especially busy days.

Now, some kombucha does contain a lot of sugar and calories, but this fizzy, fermented tea is still a lot healthier than most of the energy drinks or soda out on the market. If you can steer your soda- and energy drink-loving employees over to kombucha instead, you’ll certainly be doing them a favor.


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