3 Farewell Ideas for an Employee Sendoff Party

It can be challenging to let go of a good employee who was fully dedicated to the company’s growth. But, you can’t let them go unceremoniously. Putting together a farewell party for them is a way to show them your appreciation and wish them well on their next steps. 

Below are 3 farewell ideas for an employee sendoff party and a few tips for putting together the sendoff party.

Employee Sendoff Party Ideas

Fun Games Sendoff Party 

Games are fun, entertaining, and engaging. They are an opportunity for the employee who is leaving to interact relaxedly with other employees and bosses. They also help to build relationships among the employees left behind.

Gaming options for the party are unlimited, ranging from trivia, casino night, card games, board games, scavenger hunt, escape room, solving murder mysteries, video games, etc.

You could line up different games within the sendoff party or have a themed party around one game. Depending on your budget, the party does not have to be done at the office – you can explore outdoor options or a virtual game night (or afternoon).

Potluck Sendoff Party

If you have a small, intimate team where everyone knows the employee leaving, a potluck party is a great idea for the sendoff party. Notify the others employees about the potluck party and let them sign up with the food they will bring.

You may theme the potluck party, e.g., experience the different cuisines, vegetarian, go-green, barbeque, salad potluck, take out, high tea, etc. You can also choose to have the potluck as brunch, lunch, or dinner.

As you sit down to eat, pay your tribute to the employee leaving and have them give their farewell speech. You could also incorporate simple and short fun activities such as trivia.


Music is celebratory, fun, and engaging. You could plan a karaoke or lip-syncing afternoon or evening. It is casual and an opportunity for employees’ personalities and talents to shine through. It will quite literally give each person a chance to be heard. You could have the employees give their farewell remarks in the form of a song or after they have sung.

Tips for Putting Together a Great Sendoff Party for Your Employees

  1. Mobilize other employees. Let them take charge of the party planning and execution. Those who have worked with the employee who is leaving know them better and could personalize the party accordingly.
  2. Have a session to reminisce fond memories with the employee. A farewell party is not complete if you do not take time to celebrate the moments spent with the employee.
  3. It doesn’t have to be a surprise party. The employee may be overwhelmed with handing over procedures, packing, and preparations for a new job. Therefore, it is best to let them in on the plans for a farewell party so that they can schedule time for it.

A sendoff party for an employee is an opportunity to thank the employee who is leaving as you plan how to move forward. It also communicates to other employees that you value them and the effort they put towards the company’s growth.


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