4 Ways to Support Employee Wellbeing

There is more to your employee’s ability to perform on the job than relevant skills. They need sound mental health to deliver their best performance. 

Many work environments these days are fast-paced, which paves the way for stress and burnout. As a manager that cares, you can support the well-being of your workers, which will improve their overall performance. 

Here are four ways to make this happen:

Ensure Your Culture Values Team Members 

One of the critical factors of employee wellbeing is social wellness, which boils down to job satisfaction and the culture at work. The value and recognition that employees get can make a difference here. 

As a result, leadership and managers need to encourage and recognize the effort of their staff. It can be as simple as saying thank you or public recognition during team meetings. Many workers will be encouraged to work if their boss appreciates and recognizes the effort. 

Encourage Social Activities

Through social activity, you can have a strong company culture that carries everyone along. Making it possible for workers to bond personally and professionally, they can detect similarities, providing an opportunity to connect beyond work. 

For companies with a series of departments, social activities give all employees an avenue to get to know one another. Developing new relationships and strengthening their bond with colleagues can improve their morale. Events such as intra-departmental competition will enhance healthy competition and promote team spirit.

Have a Good Support System in Place 

When a firm understands the impact of poor mental health, it can guide them towards providing the needed support for their workers. All employees need training and help on the best approach to manage their mental health. 

A report from Mental Health America (MHA) reveals that 56% of employers are keen on improving their staff’s wellbeing, but they don’t have the proper training and guidance to make this happen. As a result, managers can reach out for guidance on the right ways to help and support their employee’s wellbeing. 

Model Healthy Behaviors

It will be easy to support the mental well-being of your workers if you practice your own wellbeing tips. This comes down to living by example so that your workers know they are free to take care of themselves. 

Managers are often so carried away with caring for the team, achieving goals, and getting work done that they forget to take care of themselves. Let your employees know that you want to take a walk, use the office gym at break, and make an appointment with your therapist. Take some time off work occasionally, so they know and understand that it is okay to support their own mental health in this way as well.


You can do many things to support your employee’s well-being. When your workers enjoy optimum health, they will perform well at work, and their productivity will not take a hit. This is, in contrast, to burn out that might happen when you don’t care about their wellbeing. 

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