5 Companies that are Transforming Workplace Mental Health

Mental health has become a global concern that can no longer be ignored or put in the back burner. As a result, some companies have taken it upon themselves to promote the mental health of their employees. Below is a look at 5 companies that are transforming workplace mental health.


Google is a trailblazer when it comes to workplace mental health. The company is heavily invested in employees’ mental health as well as physical health. They use employee feedback and industry information and data to design employee-focused mental health solutions.

They offer a variety of solutions including employee-initiated peer support, mindfulness sessions, digital sleep improvement programs, second, medical opinion benefit, massage programs, flexible working hours, baby bonding leave, digital cognitive behavioral therapy resources, and thoughtfully created workspaces.

In addition, Google is deliberate about creating a company culture that supports different ethnicities and non-binary options. They also endeavor to design policies that balance between employer and employee needs.

Johnson and Johnson

In 2020, Johnson and Johnson set a goal to have one of the healthiest employees by helping over 100,000 employees be their best selves in terms of health and wellbeing in 2020. This saw the company launch the Energy for Performance program, which is accessible to all employees for free.  The two-day program enables participants to complete exercises that would help them identify the most meaningful aspects of their lives and to boost their energy levels.

They also endeavor to create a work environment where employees can make decisions that are good for themselves. They also have campus walking centers and on-campus exercise centers that help employees stay on top of their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Dignity Health

As one of the leading health care providers in the US, Dignity Health acknowledges stressful working conditions in its organization. Long working hours can take a toll on the mental health of healthcare providers. Therefore, they are keen to advocate for mental health and help their employees overcome challenging times. They have an interdisciplinary steering committee whose main role is to offer healthcare providers and caregivers tools and resources for resilience and wellbeing. They offer peer support, reflective pauses, and compassion skills training. 


Talkspace is at the forefront of ensuring easy access of therapists to employees. They partner with employers to offer therapy to employees.


In 2018, AT&T rolled out the stamp out stigma campaign to encourage employees to get rid of the stigma around substance use and mental health. They leveraged social media to amplify the message and collected over 11,000 employee pledges.

AT&T partners with companies that provide mental health solutions to offer their employees counseling services and depression screening. They also advocate for the mental well-being of their customers. 


Generally, companies that take on workplace mental health seriously see great improvement in employee performance and motivation.  As evidenced above, there numerous strategies that can employ to support employees in their mental health and overall wellbeing.

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