8 Benefits of a Healthy Snack Delivery Service in Your Office

While it’s no secret that improved health makes people happier and more productive, investing in a healthy snack delivery service can help you keep your employees satisfied. Many studies have shown that supporting good health in the office can be a key factor in attracting top talent and retaining your high-quality workforce. 


If you truly want to foster a healthy environment in the workplace and care about your employees’ well-being, consider investing in a healthy snack delivery service. Not only can it curb their hunger and improve their productivity without having to worry about that lethargic mid-afternoon energy zap, you’re also taking steps toward improving employee engagement, morale, and even innovation. 


Still not convinced? Let’s look at some of the main benefits of investing in delivered healthy snacks for your epic employee break room.


1. Employees Feel Valued

Employees love to get free stuff, but it’s even better when that free stuff is actually useful and helpful to them. By having a regular supply of healthy snacks, beverages, premium coffee, and more, your employees will be thankful that you are giving them useful, valuable tools to fuel their bodies. 


Not only does a healthy snack delivery service make it so that your employees have a readily accessible source for healthy snacks, but it can be a substantial morale booster as well. Your employees will know that you are making an effort to contribute to their job satisfaction and that their well-being matters to you. 


Every perk or benefit offered by a business sends a clear message to its employees.  Many employees feel that the inclusion of this perk is a sign that their employer really values them and it makes substantial strides toward increasing productivity and boosting overall well-being.


So, if you truly want your employees to feel that you care about them and take their best interests in mind, investing in a break room delivery service is a great way to make them feel valued. 


Don’t wait any longer to have fresh coffee and healthy snacks delivered to your workplace. We can stock your team’s favorite beverages and delicious healthy snacks right away. We will also ensure you have the supplies and accessories they need for those perfect cups and snacks. 


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2. Healthier Employees

Healthier employees with healthy snack

Has the morale in your office been low? Are you looking for a way to improve the mood around the office? 


All too often in modern work culture, people forget to bring their lunches to work. This results in an unnecessary trip to a fast-food chain, where they’ll spend their hard-earned money on less-than-nourishing food. If your employees are especially pressed for time, they may even head over to the vending machine to grab junk food, which will lead to a sugar crash and a major energy slump shortly after consumption.


Therefore, providing your employees with a variety of healthy office snacks is a great way to enhance their moods and nourish their bellies. If we truly are what we eat, your employees will need the best nutrients to keep them focused and optimistic when challenges arise. 


The beneficial effects of improved physical health on one’s mental well-being are nearly boundless. When you invest in a healthy snack delivery service, you can keep your team sharp, alert, and feeling good. 


In addition to improved mood, cognitive function, and energy, better health goes a long way toward stress management and self-esteem. What better way to encourage your team members to believe in themselves, think creatively, take risks, and find the courage to present bold new ideas?


Still up in the air where to start? Check out our healthy snack and beverage guides:




3. Increased Energy

Healthy Snack Increases Energy

It’s been proven that when people fuel their bodies with the right type of foods and beverages, they have more energy. And, where do they put that energy when they’re at work? Into their work! 


Without nourishment, employees will quickly run out of energy leading to decreased productivity and crabby moods. Incorporating healthy snacks into your mid-morning and mid-afternoon routines can balance out blood sugar, preventing those dreaded spikes and crashes.


Moreover, keeping healthy snacks on hand reduces decision fatigue for them, so they can focus on making the choices their jobs require instead of agonizing over what they will eat and where they will find it. A quick bite of healthy snacks will keep them running smoothly through the rest of their day.


Healthy snacks that are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, B12, and folic acid can have both short and long-term impacts on a person’s mood. With that, you and your staff can also avoid the weekday afternoon slump that leaves you feeling drained of energy and sluggish.

4. Increased Productivity

Healthy Snack Increases Productivity

Improved focus and energy means – you guessed it – increased productivity. Afternoon slump, growling stomachs, sleepiness, and headache — are all conditions that can distract employees. 


If you’re like most people, you probably wish there were more hours in the day to get things done without these distractions. However, most people’s diet is jam-packed with sugar-laden processed foods, or carb-overloads—which can result in energy crashes at work. 


By providing healthy snack alternatives, your workers will be able to keep the focus on the work at hand and it will keep your team energized when the rest of the world is trying to overcome the sluggishness. 


If you want to promote a healthy workplace, healthy eating should be front and center. Fuel your employees with the sustenance they need to stay motivated on the job. We’ve heard from a client after client what a difference healthy food options make for productivity. Since they don’t need to leave work and track down a snack or drink, they have more time in the office to concentrate and get things done.


You don’t have to be a health or fitness company to recognize the value of having healthy snacks at the office. Healthier employees mean decreased sick leaves. Decreased sick leaves mean reduced health care costs and yes, increased productivity.


It should come as no surprise that the healthier your employees are, the more work they’re capable of doing — and the more consistently they can perform at this higher level. 

5. Brand Recognition

As the recruitment of high-quality candidates grows to be more and more competitive, it’s important for companies to differentiate themselves from the crowd. While it may be hard to believe, much of the top talent out there is looking to work at a company that offers them the best perks and benefits, which can include providing employees with healthy and delicious snacks.


In fact, in a 2014 Forbes article, free food was listed as the number two most popular employee perk. So if you want to land your company on the list of the “Best Places to Work”, investing in a healthy snack and drink delivery service will help you showcase your company as a leader in corporate wellness. 


6. Employee Retention

Food is considered one of the most highly ranked amenities a workplace can offer. In fact, one survey found that nearly 40% of employees rank office food right alongside vacation time and professional development. 


Give the people what they want, right? People have to eat three times per day, so it only makes sense that food choice would affect their choice of workplace. 


Google, for example, offers 15 cafeterias with free meals for employees. This strategy can reduce time lost as a result of employees’ leaving the office for lunch. Don’t worry if your company’s small size makes including a cafeteria impractical. Buying your employees lunch occasionally or enrolling in a health snack delivery service can do a lot for morale and possibly even help attract and retain top talent.


All in all, happy and healthy employees equal employees that stay! Investing in corporate wellness programs like healthy snacking can be an extremely positive incentive for your employees, and it can also be beneficial to your company’s long-term productivity. It’s a small investment to pay for such a large return.


7. Easy Accessibility

Do your employees take long lunches, snacks, or coffee breaks outside of the office? Do you feel that these off-site restaurant visits are hindering your staff’s ability to work efficiently? 


When so much of our day is spent in the workplace without easy access to healthy food, it is not easy to consume the recommended 5-a-day. In some instances, someone may be rushing to meet a deadline, stuck in an important meeting, or occupied talking with a client.


When you work in an office environment that does not have snacks and beverages easily available, your employees are left with no other choice than to rely on off-site shops, coffee spots, and fast food restaurants to replenish their system. 


By keeping your break room fully stocked with healthy snacks, you can sleep easy knowing that your staff doesn’t have to venture off of the work site when hunger strikes. Having a variety of healthy snacks available throughout the day also helps your team to meet their nutritional requirement.


8. Social and Team Bonding

Throughout history, humans have always shared food as a type of social ritual. When your staff eats together, it can build up and strengthen work-related interactions, and even forge friendships. 


There’s nothing wrong with eating meals alone, but providing opportunities for employees to socialize over a free meal without the pressure to discuss work-related topics like they would in an official meeting really encourage employee friendships. In fact, 90% of employees surveyed said that sharing meals at the workplace assisted them in establishing stronger bonds with their coworkers.


By having delivered healthy snacks in your office, you’ll encourage them to take a moment, enjoy, and bond over shared favorites. An inviting, well-stocked break room will organically bring people together to converse, swap ideas, and collaborate in a more relaxed environment. 


Do you know how people come together when someone brings in pizza on Fridays? Imagine that every week (or daily or monthly), when your office gets their delivery of snacks, it’s something that everyone can partake in and feel good about! 


In this way, it not only provides a positive impact on productivity and team dynamics, but it also offers different verticals of your office a chance to interact with each other in an informal setup. Consider it the world’s most covert team-building exercise.


It’s Your Time To Explore The Impact Of Delivered Office Snacks


Now that you know how healthy snacks can affect your employees and what you can bring into the office for healthy snack choices, it’s time to implement some of these ideas into your workplace. You may not be able to change the whole office’s relationship with food in a couple of days or weeks, but employees will notice if you begin making an effort. 


A simple change goes a long way! Little by little, you can definitely make a difference in your employees’ well-being and your company’s success. Before you start filling the break room with food, send out a company-wide survey with some open-ended questions. This information can help you make informed choices—and make changes your employees will love.


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