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Did you know that 43% of employees start their day with coffee and many continue to drink it throughout the day? In fact, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Coffee for productivity is amazing isn’t it? 

With more than 450 million cups consumed in the United States every day, coffee has always been an integral part of our daily drinks. And one must ask: How does coffee retain its crown as a staple drink for most of us? 

Many of us would answer “because coffee gives us the energy and alertness boost.” While most of us know that caffeine has the overall ability to stimulate us and improve our focus, what exactly is it about coffee that makes us more productive? 

To better answer that question, we have to understand how the caffeine in coffee affects the body…

Coffee And Productivity

Every waking moment, neurons in the brain are firing away. As they work, they produce something called adenosine – a chemical compound in the brain called a purine nucleoside.

There are several different adenosine receptors in the body, but there is one in particular that caffeine seems to have the most affinity with, it’s called the A1 receptor.

When we consume caffeine from a standard cup of coffee, it heads to the A1 receptor and impersonates it. Because caffeine is so similar to adenosine, the body accepts it as its own and then binds with these receptors. 

What happens from here, in simple terms, is that they become plugged and the brain no longer produces its own dopamine and glutamate; instead, coffee has taken over that job!

This is good on one hand because caffeine can keep the brain from coming to a halt when you’re becoming fatigued and need a break. The caffeine comes in as an adenosine receptor imposter and starts producing its own stimulants. 

Most of the time, people drink coffee for a way to jump-start their day. Others drink coffee to carry them through an energy slump or to stay on task while at work. So whether you are busy at the keyboard typing and thinking, or out and about doing manual work, the consumption of a daily cup of joe can keep you going for longer… 

Best Coffee Styles For Your Office

Differing strengths and brewing methods will impact our coffee accordingly. For many people, getting the most caffeine possible is the goal. Others seek the right flavor, and many find a perfect marriage between these extremes.

Every employee has their own preferences. To get your office coffee, you want to know the options available (and even experiment a bit). Hundreds, if not thousands, of types of coffee, are available for drinkers to try. We’ve picked up the top 14 different types of coffee drinks you can easily make available in your workplace!

The infographic below, which breaks down each drink with neat illustrations, lists the traditional and trendy ways to prepare the perfect cup of joe for your busy employees, and the ingredients used in each coffee.

infographic for the 14 styles of office coffee for productivity by Office Libations

Now, let’s differentiate them one by one…

1. Espresso


This is the fastest way to increase your productivity, as it gives an instant boost and can last several hours! The espresso (aka “short black”) is the foundation and the most important part of every espresso-based drink. Espressos are the purest coffee experience you can get, and while they’re not for everyone, it can be a truly singular drinking experience when you find a good brew.

2. Caffè Americano


An americano is nothing but a single espresso with a lot of hot water on it. It is a diluted version of an espresso that can also be a great productivity booster! Your employees can make this type of coffee quite simply by adding hot water to a shot of espresso coffee. 

It has been said that American soldiers during the Second World War would make this type of coffee to make their beverages last longer. It was then (apparently) adopted by American baristas after the war.

3. Café Latte (or Café au lait)

cafe latte

A fairly popular option for coffee drinkers as well as for those who aren’t regular coffee drinkers. Lattes are made with foamed milk, aiding to hide the bitterness of coffee. Lattes contain one or more shots of espresso (depending on how strong your employees like it), with the milk poured over it, creating a frothy drink everyone can enjoy.

4. Cappuccino


One of the more popular options when it comes to coffee, the cappuccino has multiple layers to it, giving it extra taste and texture. The first layer is made up of espresso, giving you the caffeine kick, followed by a shot of steamed milk to counter the bitter coffee taste, topped off with a layer of foamy milk to make it easy to drink. Cappuccinos are often finished off with a sprinkling of cinnamon or chocolate powder, giving your employees a slight sugar hit as well, perfect for those early mornings.

5. Mochaccino


Another go-to option for first-time coffee drinkers, a ‘mocha’ is just an espresso with added chocolate powder or syrup (sometimes being topped with whipped cream). If anything, this is a good entry-level coffee – living in the worlds between the childlike hot chocolate and the adult café latte.  While it will depend on how much your employees like sweet things, the choice between a mocha and latte will be up to them.

6. Flat White

flat white

The two most Kiwi coffees available are the long black and the flat white – as both originated in New Zealand and Australia. For a flat white, the steamed milk from the bottom of the jug (which is usually not so frothy, but rather creamy) is poured over a shot of espresso. It is now popular among employees who are desperately trying to stay awake.

7. Long Black

long black

Hot water is poured into a cup, and then two shots of espresso are poured into the water. If you do the inverse of this, it will result in an Americano (no. 2). Long blacks can be quite strong and have more creamy foam than an Americano. Perfect productivity booster for busy employees!

8. Macchiato


A macchiato (also known as a Piccolo Latte) is a shot of espresso which is then topped off with foamed milk dashed directly into the cup.  Although it may sound similar to a cappuccino, it’s usually stronger as there’s no steamed milk added and it’s also smaller, usually served in an espresso sized cup.

9. Caramel Macchiato

caramel macchiato

Among all the different types of coffee drinks, this one is undoubtedly one of the tastiest. The rich taste of coffee beans mixed with foamed milk, espresso and caramel are truly second to none. The caramel macchiato is one of the best coffees to try if you’re someone who prefers their drinks extra-sweet.

10. Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a drink that combines coffee, oil, and butter. Served warm, this creamy coffee looks similar to a latte. It typically blends a cup of black coffee with 1 to 2 tablespoons of unsalted, grass-fed butter and 1 to 2 tablespoons of something called medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, a type of easily digested fat.

The basic science behind the recipe is to provide energy through the coffee and essential fats to the brain for a balanced, non-jittery boost that lasts for hours. So in order to combat mental exhaustion in your workplace, this blend is definitely worth considering!

11. Vienna


A perfect option for those employees who need strong caffeine hit, as well as enjoy something sweet, the Vienna coffee is made up of two espresso shots, with whipped cream mixed into the drink instead of the traditional milk and sugar. Often topped with chocolate sprinkles, Vienna is a good office drink regardless of the weather.

12. Affogato


If your employees are looking to get coffee and ice cream, why not get both at the same time with an affogato? This Italian coffee-based dessert is another item that you must try. Mixed with a scoop of vanilla and adding a shot of espresso on top, this coffee packs in the rich texture of the coffee with the vanilla ice-cream. 

13. Nitro Cold Brew

nitro cold brew by office libations

As one of the trendiest coffee drinks on the market, nitro cold brew coffee first made a splash in third-wave coffee shops across the country and quickly became a favorite among coffee aficionados. 

It is infused with nitrogen gas that is released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes. The high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc, creating a creamy, stout-like effect in the cold brew. It’s creamy like an iced latte, but dairy-free and has roughly five calories for a standard 12-ounce beverage. 

Shameless plug: If you’re looking for nitro cold brew for your SF Bay Area office, we’d love to hook you up!

14. Irish Coffee

This one is a little different because of its alcohol content. If you want to go extra for your employees, this type of coffee is brewed with whiskey, sugar, and a thick layer of cream on top. Irish coffee can be a delicious choice and the perfect drink for a cold winter evening while working on some menial office work.

Final Words

Whether employees drink coffee because they enjoy the taste or are looking for an energy boost, offering a range of flavors and styles can be a great addition to your workplace. Employees may view quality coffee as a sign that their company cares about employee well-being.

However, some workplaces still offer only a drip coffee maker. And guess what? It could affect the overall workplace productivity. When there are limited coffee options at the office, employees try to find more desirable alternatives. This can lower efficiency during the workday and decrease the amount of time employees spend in the office.

Providing a variety of quality coffee will keep employees in the workplace, thus increasing their productivity. If their favorite coffee styles are right at their fingertips, employees are simply more satisfied and productive, and so are you!

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