10 Epic Break Room Ideas for Your Office

It may not be where the big money is made, but the break room is easily one of the most important rooms in the office. It’s a place where your team can relax and recharge between tier many tasks, and it really can make a difference in their lives. In fact, research shows that 94% of employees are happier when they can take a break during the day, so it’s always nice when employers actually encourage their staff to take a little downtime. Besides, a happy employee is certainly more likely to be productive than an unhappy one!


If you want to start drawing your staff out of their offices and into the break room, then it may be time for a makeover. Here are 10 epic break room ideas for your office.


1. Separate it From the Rest of the Office

This can be difficult if you have an open floor plan, as  those on break may distract those still working and vice versa. Consider using curtains, barriers, or dividers to try and physically separate it from the rest of the office.


2. Include Comfortable Furniture

If your employees spend most of their day sitting behind a table or desk, then they’d probably appreciate some more comfortable options at break time. Invest in some cozy couches and chairs to help encourage them to kick back and relax.


3. Provide Entertainment

Sometimes it can be easier to relax when you have a distraction. Consider getting a TV, video game system, or even something like board games for your break room. These can be a great way to get everyone’s minds off of work for a short time.


4. Add a Library

If you prefer a more productive entertainment option than TV and games, then try adding some bookshelves to your break room. Be sure to include a variety of genres and styles to cater to everyone’s tastes.


5. Have a Napping/Quiet Corner

Sometimes, the best way to recharge is to have a good sleep. Designate a corner of your break room for naps or quiet time, and fill it with comfortable beds or couches, sleeping masks, and noise-canceling headphones.


6. Keep Extra Tables and Chairs on Hand

Your break room will likely double as a party room for special office occasions, so make sure you have enough tables and chairs for everyone. Try getting some folding ones so you can store them easily.


7. Decorate the Walls

Bright colors and fun postersor paintings can really liven up a break room. You could even try chalkboard paint on a wall to encourage your staff to explore their artistic side and contribute to the decorations themselves!


8. Change Things Up

To keep the break room interesting, you should consider changing things up every once in a while. Perhaps you can switch up the decorations for events or holidays to help get everyone in the spirit.


9. Incorporate a Kitchen Area

Your staff will likely appreciate access to some kitchen basics, like a microwave and sink. This may encourage them to eat and drink in the break room instead of at their desks or out of the building entirely.


10. Provide Free Food and Drinks

Show your employees you care and give them an extra pick-me-up by putting a fully stocked pantry in the break room. Who doesn’t like free stuff?


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