3 Easy Tips for Hosting a Potluck Lunch

If you’re looking for an easy way to throw an office party, hosting a potluck lunch is the way to go! Not only does this type of party take minimal effort on your part, but it’s also a great excuse to mingle with your coworkers. In fact, it’s practically a team-building exercise! To make sure your party goes off without a hitch, we’re going to go over 3 easy tips for throwing a successful potluck lunch. Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Make a Master List of Dishes

The first step to throwing a pot luck lunch is to make a master list of dishes. This way, you can keep track of what everyone is bringing and make sure there’s a good variety of food. Consider sending out an email ahead of time and asking people to reply with their dishes, or simply post a sign-up sheet in the break room.

If you really want to ensure that there’s enough variety at your potluck, you may even consider having people sign up to bring certain kinds of dishes.  For example, you could ask for two people to bring main dishes, three people to bring side dishes, and two people to bring desserts. This way, you’ll have a nice balance of food for everyone to enjoy.

Tip #2  Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Once you have your list of dishes, it’s time to start delegating. There’s no reason for you to be doing everything on your own! The whole point of hosting a potluck is sharing the responsibility with others (besides, a few coworkers may be interested in a distraction from their regular work!) Assign someone to be in charge of drinks, another person to be in charge of setting up the food, and so on. This will help to make your potluck run smoothly and take some of the stress off of your plate.

Tip #3: Come Up with Some Fun Activities

Last but not least, don’t forget to come up with some fun activities to keep everyone engaged and entertained. After all, a potluck is supposed to be a party! There’s no reason that you can’t enjoy some delicious food together and have a good time. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas for some office-friendly games and activities:

  • photo booth
  • scavenger hunt
  • trivia game
  • guessing game
  • charades

Whatever you do, just make sure it’s something that will get everyone in the office involved and having fun. While you’re at it, this would be a great excuse to sneak in some actual team-building exercises!


Hosting a potluck lunch is a great way to throw an office party with minimal effort. Just make sure you have a plan in place and delegate some of the responsibility to others. And don’t forget to come up with some fun activities to keep everyone entertained! With these tips in mind, you’re sure to throw a successful potluck lunch that everyone will enjoy. Have fun!

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