Partner Highlight: Persona Coffee and Why We Chose Them

Do you know what kind of coffee your employees drink at the office? You may not think that it matters, but it does. Employees are more productive when they have a good caffeine source to keep them going throughout their day. That is why Office Libations partnered with Persona Coffee in Berkeley! They offer custom blends and single origins for customers who want something different than Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Benefits of a Custom Coffee Blend

Sure, coffee is popular, but doesn’t it seem like it’s getting a little monotonous? You can buy a cuppa practically on every block, but there isn’t much difference between them, and it never quite feels like the cup was made just for you. Persona Coffee uses custom coffee blends to suit the customers’ tastes, giving them something they really want, and not the coffee their local coffee shop thinks they should be drinking.

This is done through a unique three-step process:

1. Choose the Beans

You can choose a single-origin coffee or blend two of our top-quality coffees together.

2. Set the Roast Level

Choose between 3 levels: Light, Medium, and Dark for a different experience.

3. Design the Label

Name your coffee, choose a color and font to create your unique bag.

Where else can you get that? This is just one of the major reasons we chose to partner with Persona Coffee.


Persona Coffee offers subscriptions for your coffee,  so you don’t have to worry about ever running out of your favorite coffee blend. This is a great way to keep an office stocked and ensure that no one ever runs out of coffee on the job.  There is nothing worse than running out of coffee during a crucial moment when you need that caffeine boost the most.

The second reason we chose Persona Coffee for our partnership was their custom single-origin coffees! You can’t beat this selection and quality, and it makes all the difference in your office coffee choices. This separate business offers high-quality beans from around the world so customers know they are getting something good every time. There isn’t anything better than knowing exactly where your coffee comes from and what’s in it, right?

Small Batch

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for almost everything to be mass-produced. That goes for coffee as well. Other coffee companies use lower quality beans and mass produce their coffee for a quick profit. Persona Coffee does it differently though, preferring smaller batches of higher-quality grounds to ensure what you’re drinking is something special every time.

The third reason we chose Persona Coffee was that they are committed to the environment! The company strives to be environmentally friendly in everything that they do, which includes using sustainable methods whenever possible. They care about the earth and want everyone else too – not just other coffee companies or businesses like Office Libations – but everyone who enjoys a cup o’ joe at home or work.

We love this aspect of them as well; supporting others while working towards bettering themselves makes us even happier to partner with them! These reasons are why we choose Persona Coffee to be our partner.

Check them out today!

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