How to Set Up an Office Coffee Station

If you’re finally ready to make that leap into a fully functioning office coffee station, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll have an efficient and convenient way to drink coffee while at the office that can improve morale, productivity, and even creativity. Plus, it’s just plain fun! This blog post will show you how to set up an office coffee station quickly and easily.


Determine Your Budget and Space Requirements


Setting up an office coffee station is simple, but it is important to determine your budget and available space to make the most of the experience. 


If you have a smaller space, countertop options with slim footprints are great for tight spots and can still provide delicious coffee options. Larger units may be great if you have the counter space and ample budget for luxurious equipment.


Research Commercial-Grade Products


Get to know commercial-grade products available on the market, from brewing systems and grinders to creamers and flavor shots. Look for features like durable construction, automated functions, and adjustable settings to enhance your morning caffeine ritual or fuel an after-hours workday. 


After researching the different products available, you can create a workspace that truly reflects your office’s needs.


Purchase the Necessary Brewing Equipment


Setting up an office coffee station can be a great way to create a more inviting work environment and improve your business’s energy. But businesses must purchase the necessary brewing equipment to make this happen. Fortunately, several options are available for small business owners looking to equip their offices with professional-quality coffee machines. 


Based on budget and office space, you could choose a single-serve brewer, pour-over brewer, or something as simple as an electric kettle.


Set Up the Coffee Station


Start by choosing a convenient location, preferably close to an electrical outlet. Choose appropriate containers for coffee beans, sugar, stir sticks, and other supplies. You can also purchase small drawers for organizing items like filters or napkins. Add any snacks you would like: cookies, bars, donuts, or anything else your colleagues may find interesting. Don’t forget the cups, mugs, and other serving containers like pitchers or teapots – quality matters here too!


In terms of decorations for the coffee station, choose artwork according to the style of your office. Try hanging up photos from past company events or vacation destinations if they fit your company culture.


Train Staff and Create Standard Operating Procedures


Setting up the station with consistent processes and procedures is key to great service. Providing comprehensive training to the staff ensures that everyone can efficiently serve customers and keep the station clean and organized.


Plus, developing clear standard operating procedures is critical to having a successful coffee station. These should specify how employees must brew, store, package, and stock inventory, dispose of waste, assemble orders quickly, and take payments properly.


Regularly Maintain the Coffee Station


Like any piece of equipment, it’s important to regularly maintain your office coffee station to ensure everything works properly and is intact, including cleaning the equipment, replacing worn parts, and regularly calibrating grinders and espresso machines for optimal performance.



Taking the time to set up a great office coffee station is an easy and inexpensive way to boost morale and bring your workplace together. There are almost endless options for something unique in each station. It is really all about personal preference. Besides, nothing brings people together like a shared cup of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning!


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