What Type of Coffee Machine Should I Have for My Office?

Ah, coffee. What office isn’t complete without access to this delicious elixir of life? And we mean that literally – research has linked coffee consumption with a lower risk of mortality.


If you want to offer this tasty, possibly life-extending beverage at your office, then the first step is to purchase a coffee machine. But which one? There are so many different kinds of coffee machines on the market these days that it can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect fit.


To help you narrow it down, we’ve come up with a list of some of the most popular coffee machine options for the workplace. So sit back, pour yourself a nice cup of joe (from somewhere other than your office, of course), and have a look at your choices below.


Single Serve Coffee Machines

Single serve coffee machines, or single serve pod machines, are still pretty new compared to some of the other options. However, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice in offices for a couple of reasons.


The first reason is their versatility. You can make much more than just coffee in these machines. There are also options for other hot drinks, such as tea and hot chocolate. This is great for offices that are focused on inclusivity, as there’s a good chance you have at least a few non-coffee drinkers on staff. 


The second reason single serve coffee makers are so popular is that they’re easy to use. You just pop in a pod, press a button, and you have hot and fresh coffee brewed straight into your mug. There’s little waiting involved, which is perfect for employees looking to grab a quick cup in between projects.


Automatic Drip Coffee Machine

If you were asked to picture a coffee machine, this is likely the type that you would see in your head. You can find automatic drip coffee machines everywhere, from restaurants to homes to offices.


These are great for the office if you’re looking for an affordable option that can easily make multiple cups of coffee at once. Just fill up the tank with the appropriate amount of water, put some ground coffee in a filter, and hit the ‘on’ button. It’s basically a “set it and forget it” situation, making it ideal for when you’re in a rush. You can set it up, leave for a few minutes, and come back to a hot pot of coffee. Perfect!

Bean to Cup Machine

Those who are looking to bring quality, freshly-ground coffee to the office may want to invest in a bean to cup machine. You just load it up with whole beans, select your desired drink from a touch screen, and the machine grinds the beans fresh before brewing your coffee.


Like single serve coffee machines, bean to cup machines are fairly easy to operate and offer a variety of drinks, making them a great choice for the office. Unlike the other machines, however, these can be particularly expensive, especially if you opt for any extra bells and whistles.


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