Why You Should Put a Keg in Your Office

I know what you’re thinking: a keg? In the office? Is that really a thing?

It is! Web companies especially have been known to keep various kinds of drinks on tap around the office, and this trend is slowly starting to make its way to other industries as well. Granted, it may not seem like the greatest thing for productivity when you first think about it, but if no one is getting sloshed on the job (and no one wants to be that person at work!), then there can be some real benefits to having an office kegerator.

Don’t believe me? Here’s why you should put a keg in your office.


Alcohol Improves Creative Problem Solving

While this may be something that many have already suspected, it turns out that there is some science behind this idea. Research shows that intoxicated individuals may be better at creative problem solving than those who are sober. Of course, they cannot be completely drunk, but introducing some alcohol to employees who are having a tough time with a problem may encourage them to think outside the box, which may ultimately result in increased productivity.


Encourages a More Cohesive Workforce

A keg may be just what your office needs to encourage your staff to bond with each other, especially if they’re from different departments. It gives them a place to get together, relax, and blow off a little steam. Alcohol can also help people let their guard down a bit and increase their confidence in social situations, making it more likely that even the quietest members of your team will engage in a keg-fueled bonding session.

Though it may not seem like it’s the most productive use of time, it’s important to allow your staff this chance to connect and get to know each other better. Improved relationships between employees often result in a more trusting, engaged workforce that is willing to collaborate on problems and decisions, which can improve efficiency around the office.


It Shows that You Trust Your Staff

Even if you have employees in the office who don’t drink, they will still likely appreciate the fact that they have the option. No one wants to be stuck in a place full of rigid rules and restrictions, especially when they don’t really have anything to do with the job at hand. Your employees are not children, so there’s no reason to treat them that way.

A keg full of an alcoholic beverage can be seen as a symbol of trust from an employer, demonstrating to employees that you trust them to make their own choices and use their best judgment in any given situation. Showing this level of respect to your workers can make them feel more comfortable at work and more confident in their place there, which can provide a nice boost to morale.


It Doesn’t Have to be Alcohol

If you are totally against introducing alcohol into the workplace, then you may still want to consider bringing in a keg full of a non-alcoholic beverage instead, like cold brew coffee. You won’t get all the same benefits that alcohol has to offer, but you can still bring your employees together and show your appreciation for them with an alcohol-free alternative.

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